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Continuing on the theme of a temporary, instant abode, Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald have been invited by Dorothea Seror to install a wallfurniture production lab within the exhibition “under construction” at Galerie der Künstler in Munich. 

Under the umbrella of performance and production, they decided to facilitate a production process where visitors can custom design and print their own personal tromp l’oeil interior setting. Employing a mobile platform, such as IOS, for collage design and production, they created an app for tablet or phone use. Prefabricated assets such as model rooms, furniture and accessories could be used and augmented with their image sources.

Design - Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald

Year - 2012

Presented - Galerie  der Künstler, Munich.

Curator - Dorothea Seror, Anne Wodtke, Munich. 

Software development - Linh Nguyen, Augsburg. 

Photographer - Anna Fiorino

Technical implementation - Christoph Fries, mac consult, Munich. 

Sponsored: Ontario Art Council


Details -  3 I Pads 2 fitted with Wallfurniture DIY app, HP Design jet Z3200, bond paper.

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