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"The jurors indulged in a break from practicality when reviewing The Tallest Man t-shirt. …" i.d. magazine, 53rd annual design review 2007, p.92.

In 2006, Droog Design launched a t-shirt competition on its website. Droog selected nine finalists out of the 354 contributions from over 40 countries. Three winners were chosen from a public view.
The Tallest Man came in first. 

Inspired by the tallest man ever–standing at
2.72m– Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald decided to design an adjustable t-shirt as long as the tallest man.

The t-shirt – also functioning as a fashionable dress – has 4cm increments, allowing height measurement of other objects. These increments are incisions so the t-shirt fabric can be rolled up and tied together at different heights.


The concept drives the design. At first glance, it looks impractical, but it has a charming story and can be understood as an homage to the tallest man. As an icon for human conditions, ' the human touch' expresses the core values of the client Droog Design.


Aesthetically, the design reflects simplicity and symmetry. The printed measurement follows the idea of a perfect, endless order. That's how the t-shirt makes a difference.

Design -  Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald

Year - 2005

Manufacturer - Droog Design 

Photographer - © Yoko Inoue

Award - Droog design t-shirt competition 2005, Winner


Details - 272 cm, cotton

1. Droog Design, A Human Touch, 2006.

2. ID Magazin, The Tallest Man, Droog Design

3. Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald, concept sketch, 2005.

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