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With softhouse Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald continued to explore stretchy and soft fabrics to create products which remain light, while providing different options to adjust to individual space and living situations.

The created imagery printed on the fabric is linked to interior design and provides a notion of life style. It also becomes a three-dimensional object when it is distorted and suspended in space. a poetic and functional sculpture, it responds to existing structures and intervenes with either indoor space or outdoor landscape.


In the motif, details like an electrical plug or the airport sign symbolize independent ways of living and shelter for the user. Incorporated hardware such as solar panels, light switches, led or sound boxes provide more possibilities to interact with the object.

Design - Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald

Year - 2007

Presented - Nuite Blanche, Toronto 2007


Details - 270 x 270cm, high-tech jersey,

dye sublimation, four pieces, prototype

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