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Since 2006 Ruth Spitzer was involved into various projects of New Work New Culture, a brainchild by philosopher Fritjhof Bergman. Over the years this discussion on the future of work and how it relates to design and production branched into an array of projects;


The exhibition NANK (neue Arbeit, neue Kultur / new work, new culture) at Ars Electronica ‘repair–sind wir noch zu retten’ 2010 in Linz asked how people could use a broad spectrum of technologies to manufacture products themselves? These production modes aim is to completely rethink work and, with a liberated attitude, to experience it anew.


To do this job, NANK utilized two elements for the exhibition: ‘Community Production’ demonstrated technologies connected to food, energy, housing, environment, production, health, mobility, culture, and communication; in ‘Presence,’ an open deliberation space, participants elaborated on new work, presence, and belonging.


Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald  were invited in the conceptualization of NANK and collaborated with Frithjof Bergmann on how new technologies such as rapid prototyping can change products and what will be the new role of the designer in this context.


For the exhibition they created a visual identity reflecting the attitude of NANK: The sail or triangle was chosen as the symbolic element of print media and exhibition design.

Design - Ruth Spitzer and Sarah Dorkenwald

Year - 2010

Presented - Ars Electronica, Repair, Linz.

Curator - Thomas Schneider.

Philosopher - Frithjof Bergmann


Details - 190cm x,  High Tech Jersey,  A2 Poster.


Images - 1. Ruth Spitzer, Social Product, Syracuse University, 2009.

2. Creative Director development of exhibition design, key visual, programming, Collaboration with  Frithjof Bergmann und Thomas Schneider, „Repair sind wir noch zu retten“, Ars Electronica, Linz, 

Austria, 2010.

3. NANK, Repair sind wir noch zu retten, Ars Electronica, Hatje Cantz.  

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