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Inspired by the storytelling of Afghan carpets, the approach to this project was to find a contemporary architectural related narrative. The design process started through copying historical and contemporary architectural plans.

A series of water colours and pencil drawings emerged. The transcription to a 3d software and traditional prototyping also investigates metaphorical and illusionary qualities of a three-dimensional illusion.

Designer - Ruth Spitzer

Year - 2000

Manufacturer - Prevel, Kioto

Award - International Carpet Design Competition 1999, Kioto, Golden Prize

Details - 140 x 200 cm, Chinese silk



1. Prototype produced by Prevell, Kioto, 2000

2. Concept, 3D rendering, 1999

3. + 4 Prototype 1:1, Hochschule für Gestaltung, 1998

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