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farbenfroh (2021) is painting equipment that integrates earth pigment-based watercolour into rocking hemispheres as a transforming element for creative play and artistic work. Experience the colour palette through visual perception and feel the quality of the surface on the medium.

Earth pigments, contrary to plant-based dyes, are insoluble in water, which means they are physically and chemically unaffected by the mediums.

The set consists of 24 paint pots of opposing colour chords, translating a slice of the 'dictionary of colour combinations' by the Japanese artist Wada Sanzo with earth pigments. 

Besides the paint equipment, an accompanying booklet gives an overview of the pigment's geographical location, colour theory, art-historical significance, and fun facts about rocks.


It is a matter of communicating art and science where eyes and touch understand everything.

Design - Ruth Spitzer 

Year - 2021

Presented - Design TO, Toronto 2022

Design Educates Award, Product Design, 2022


Details  Paint Pot, 5 x 5 x 2.8 cm

Materials and Techniques: Wood, Lasercut Earth Pigments+ Arabic Gum + Honey + Glycerin

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