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In the fall/winter season of 2022, the Goethe Institute Toronto initiated a series of interdisciplinary workshops titled "How to build a feminist city." With the provocation:" What "must-have" physical structures, elements, features or space interventions are vital to your understanding of a more just and equitable feminist city?" Jutta Brendemühl programmed and brought together a team of creatives, Bianca Weeko Martin and myself, to facilitate "A free experiential learning cluster" through a series of reading socials concluding in a series of workshops. The themes' source was from Leslie Kern's book "Feminist City; A field guide".


Through explorative discussions based on the theory, different groups of women and men worked on various solutions for urban structures they thought needed improvement. 

The result of this action to design took on many forms, concepts and drawings, notes, and models to communicate ideas such as non-hetero conform suburbs, coffeehouses for teenage girls, soft edges, breast-feeding spaces, feminist transportation, headquarters of the women in construction, grassroots pharmaceutical lab and an island of contemplation. 

These are forms of a feminist city in the presence – which can be lived in surprising and renewable ways.

Creative Team - Bianca Weeko-Martin,

Ruth Spitzer, Jutta Brendemühl.

Live Mapping: Catharine Wang.

Goethe Institute, Toronto, Canada

Year - 2022

Details - 

1. Workshop II, How to build a feminist city, Goethe Institute, Toronto, CA, Oct.12, 2022

2. Workshop II, How to build a feminist city, Goethe Institute, Toronto, CA, Oct.12, 2022

3. Scale Models, 3D Scan of Model - Bianca Weeko Martin, Toronto, 2022.

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