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In the fall/winter season of 2022, the Goethe Institute Toronto initiated a series of interdisciplinary workshops titled “How to build a feminist city.” With the provocation:” What “must-have” physical structures, elements, features or space interventions are vital to your understanding of a more just and equitable feminist city?” Jutta Brendemühl programmed and brought together a team of creatives, Bianca Weeko Martin and myself, to facilitate “A free experiential learning cluster” in the form of a series of reading socials concluding in a series of workshops. The source of themes where branched of Leslie Kern’s book “Feminist City; A field guide”. Through explorative discussions based on the theory, different groups of women and men worked on various solutions for urban structures they thought of a need for improvement. 


The result of this action to design took on many forms, concepts and drawings, notes, and models to communicate ideas such as non-hetero conform suburbs, coffeehouse for teenage girls, soft edges, breast-feeding spaces, feminist transportation, headquarters of the woman in construction, grass roots pharmaceutical lab and an island of contemplation. 


These are forms of a feminist city in the presence – which can be lived in surprising and renewable ways.

Creative Team - Bianca Weeko-Martin,

Ruth Spitzer, Jutta Brendemühl.

Live Mapping: Catharine Wang.

Goethe Institute, Toronto, Canada

Year - 2022

Details - 

1. Workshop II, How to build a feminist city, Goethe Institute, Toronto, CA, Oct.12, 2022

2. Workshop II, How to build a feminist city, Goethe Institute, Toronto, CA, Oct.12, 2022

3. Scale Models, 3D Scan of Model - Bianca Weeko Martin, Toronto, 2022.

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