RUTH SPITZER, ­German-Canadian Multidisciplinary Designer  

Drawing on her education as a product designer and shoe maker Ruth‘s multi-disciplinary practice focuses on creating innovative lifestyle concepts, household products and augmented accouterments-come-devices.

Professional Evolution
Drawing on her education as a  shoe maker and product designer Ruth‘s multi-disciplinary practice focuses on creating innovative lifestyle concepts, household products and augmented accouterments-come-devices.

She is co-founder of dorkenwald und spitzer (2002) -- a creative partnership focusing on designing for and equipping a nomadic urban lifestyle, and continues with her independent practice to manufacture the (un)common event with a sense of purpose and delight..

Her work has been exhibited in Europe and Canada and has garnered numerous awards and accolades.

Teaching Design
Ruth Spitzer has  lectured  and taught in studio settings in several design colleges since 2004. From 2004 to 2006 she taught interdisciplinary courses such as Think Tank at OCADU. In 2007 she was visiting designer at Syracuse University, Industrial Design Department, N.Y. with a research focus on New Work New Culture. At present Spitzer lectures and teaches at  the  School for Interior Design at Ryerson University in  Toronto; as contract lecturer she focuses on Trompe-l'œil and illusion within interior design.

She  participates in workshops and in judging panels.

Workshops and Talks
“The thing with the Harald Seezman documenta 5 catalog exhibition”, insite tour for Onsite  professional Gallery, OCADU, Toronto, 2013.
“Future of a Walk”, Goethe Institute and Urban Space Gallery, Toronto 2012.
“Receipe after Lucius Burckhard”, for Transit Kitchen, F. Koebberling, Toronto, 2011.
“New Work New Culture” Ars Electronica ‘repair–sind wir noch zu retten’ Linz , 2010.
“Social Product” , Installation / Salon at University of Syracuse, Syracuse, N.Y. 2009.
“Under the Bridge”, Lecture, COLAB University of Syracuse, Syracuse, N.Y. 2009
“Walk Escape” “Activating Public Space”, COLAB University of Syracuse, N.Y. 2008.
Talk20, Titel: “Error”, Lecture, Toronto, 2007.


Ruth Spitzer’s works is the designer, co-­‐designer of the following projects:


“Mothership and Spidergirl”, interactive installation; chlorophytum comosum nursery and distribution,

Grow Op, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto, 2018.
“Open Wide”, Food Card, The Stop, Toronto, 2016.
“X-Static Clown factory”, interactive installation and clown depot, Nuite Blanche, Toronto, 2013.
“Wallfurniture DIY” Under Construction, Haus der Künstler, Munich, 2012
“New Work New Culture”, Ars Electronica ‘repair– sind wir noch zu retten’, Linz, 2010.


Open Design Process

“Water Dresses”, natures production garments, Lake Ontario, 2017.

“Trans Edition”, production, display and archive, news-paper up-re-cycling, Toronto, 2008.

“Water Walker”, investigation walking on water, Lake Ontario, 2006.

"Umbrella", investigation walking on water, Lake Huron, 2004.

“Wallfurniture”, Wall-Escape, c-print on demand, Berlin, 2002-2009.
“Softhouse”, Tensile Structure, c-print, Toronto, 2006.
“Pinfurniture”, Surface Design, Toronto, 2005.
“Home Office” Rug Design, International Carpet Design, Kyoto, 2000.

"Grow OP", Jury Award, Toronto, 2018 .
Red Dot, “Interzum” tradeshow Fa. Lechner, collaboration with Spatial Design, Munich, 2010.

I.D. Annual Design Review, honorable mention within Consumer Products, NY, 2007 .
Droog design, T-shirt competition, overall winner with “The Tallest Man”, Amsterdam, 2005 .
Wohnsinn Basel, Perspektiven 03, honorable mention, Basel, 2003.
picNIC, design for Europe, 50 best entries, Kortrijek, 2002.
International Carpet Design Competition, golden price, Prevell, Kyoto, 1999.


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