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Designer, teacher, and thinker, animates experimental, participatory and discursive design concepts.  

Since 1992, Ruth Spitzer has considered her activity as a designer in the context of social and artistic space. Initially working as a shoemaker for theatre and opera, since 1999, she has been practicing trans-disciplinary design based on critical design, nourished by the practical experiences developed in her practice and fed through collaborative formats into design culture. 
On stake interdisciplinary design, she cofounded the conceptual design practice dorkenwald-spitzer in 2002 and co-designed projects: visual communication and product design such as “Wallfurniture” and “The Tallest Man,” or New Work New Culture engagement. In 2012, she continued her practice, focusing on civic social design workshops and teaching design in the context of interior and interaction design.

Her public presentations and recognitions allow you to follow her path, notably with projects such as “Home” (2000), “Wall Furniture” (2004), “The Tallest Man” (2005), “Water Walker” (2008), Object Poche (2017), Farbenfroh (2022). 
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